fall sangria

Fall Sangria from Braised in a Kitchen: Pomegranates, Cranberries, Apples, Oranges and White Wine, whats not to love?? #recipe #sangria #fall

  it’s friday morning and i know you need a drink. so i made you some sangria! it has fruit and juice in it, so its basically a smoothie. soo…you can drink it for breakfast, and then start your day. best. friday. ever. it has been absurdly hot in texas until this past tuesday. and…

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Cooking 101: Green Bean Casserole

green bean casserole that doesn't use cream of mushroom soup!

ok, so we learned how to make mac-n-cheese the other day. the next recipe that should be in everyones repertoire is a veggie casserole. and this is just in time for this recipe to make it to your thanksgiving table. this recipe does not use the cream of mushroom soup, but trust me, you won’t…

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Things I’m in Like With: 11/12/14


in no particular order… 1. this article stating that friends is coming to Netflix. i realize i’m a month behind, but could i be any more excited?? 2. this tory birch perfume. now i just need the shoes that go with it… 3. this 12 days of christmas display at the arboretum. if you are near the dallas area…

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Huevos Rancheros

huevos rancheros

i love tex-mex. it is hands-down my favorite type of food of all the foods. i think i could eat it for every meal for a year and not get sick of it. its just one example of how we, as texans, take and idea and improve on it (if you need another example, just check-out…

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Cooking 101: Mac-n-Cheese


so…i get that not everyone loves to cook. i don’t understand it, but i get it. i accept it. i’ve moved on. kind of. so i have a solution for y’all. cooking 101. back to the basics. for the next several months i will be sporadically posting basic recipes that everyone should have in their…

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