Veggie Beef Soup

veggie beef soup by braised in a kitchen

gather all your veggies. ok, not all your veggies, just the cool ones. like broccoli, okra, onions, and potatoes. not carrots those, though guys are lame. i have something against cooked carrots. they just aren’t my thing. the mushy texture and warm carrot-y taste, not in to it. raw carrots are more acceptable, but still not…

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rosemary hummus

Rosemary Hummus by Braised in a Kitchen

let me tell you about the ridiculousness that was my day yesterday. i channeled my inner college student and binged on america’s next top model. why i’m addicted to trashy tv, i will never know. i had dinner plans at 8, so while my mom was preparing her dinner i stood in the kitchen eating pickled…

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honey orange muffins

honey orange muffins by braised in a kitchen

because honey and orange are the best combination. period. and honey and cheese (i’ll get to that on saturday). and honey and peanut butter. pretty much, i’m obsessing over honey right now. because, it’s a healthy sweet, right? i mean, not in the quantities i am suggesting we eat it in, but in small, appropriate…

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asian salmon salad

Asian Salmon Salad by Braised in a Kitchen

y’all. we’re having nonsense weather here. or nonsense natural events? whatever you categorize an earthquake as, it’s happening. in texas. three times! having never ever been in an earthquake before, it was pretty darned scary. for like the 2 seconds that it happened. anyway, that’s the big news down here. that and this salad. i…

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creamy mushroom tarts

Mushroom Tarts by Braised in a Kitchen

the bachelor started last night, and i’m ashamed to say, i watched it. i watched it all. and i loved every drama, tear-filled second of it. i have a problem and i recognize that. honestly, it’s the only trashy t.v. show i watch. unless you count keeping up with the kardashians while i’m on the…

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buttery herb roasted chicken

Herb Roasted Chicken  by Braised in a Kitchen

remember when we were all “let’s eat healthy and have smoothies for breakfast”? that was so last week. now, i say we be all like “let’s eat roasted chicken that has been covered in butter”. ’cause it. tastes. awesome. y’all. it’s monday. we have to work a full week. and i’m showing you a picture of…

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New Year Smoothies

Tropical Green Smoothie by Braised in a Kitchen

happy new year, y’all. like i said yesterday, i’m pretty pumped for 2015. it’s gonna be epic. amazingly epic. holdontoyourseats epic. or, you know, just regular epic. so to start off 2015, braised in a kitchen brings you….smoothies. before you run away, i promise these smoothies are delicious and *groan* healthy. but mostly delicious. tropical green…

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